PAVILION: A Fresh Approach TO Shopping In Kuala Lumpur


Malaysia is not only renowned for coastal tourism but also for shopping, which describes the extensive number of lavish malls, stores and street stalls especially in Kuala Lumpur. When it comes to shopping tourists and local people always get puzzled with the multitude of varieties they will come across- in everything from fashion to Home décor to  latest electronics. Their minds get jammed with a bulk of questions like from where to shop and where to spend their ringgit.

As Kuala Lumpur is a global city and a top tourist destination in Malaysia that not only provides boasting gleaming skyscrapers, charming locals, enthralling streets, and a myriad of natural attractions but also vast number of luxury malls and shopping outlets. Pavilion Shopping Mall is a vibrant place to shop and a centre of attraction in Kuala Lumpur. It is a top-notch strip mall and proved to be a superlative choice for shoppers.


The distinctive and remarkable aspect of Pavilion KL is that it has won an award in the Best Shopping Mall category in 2016 by the Going Places Readers Choice Awards 2015. The prime reason behind its outstanding achievements and honour gained by Pavilion over the other malls in the same category is that it proffers diverse products and world-class experiences.

Distinguished features of Pavilion that make you wait no longer to shop from it

                      LOCATION- EASILY REACHABLEIMG-7073

               Pavilion shopping centre is positioned in the hub of Bukit Bintang district in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. As Pavilion Mall is located in the heart of the city near Petronas Twin Tower it is effortlessly accessible. Visitors and shoppers can get here BY CAR, BY E-HAILING (Grab), BY TRAIN (BY MRT or monorail), BY BUS (Rapid KL), and GO-KL CITY BUS (Free bus service).




Pavilion KL is a gem for shoppers, encompassing 7th floor shopping mall, 2 blocks of Pavilion Residences and Pavilion Tower office block. Furthermore, it facilitates with the combination of almost 700 best retail stores and 8 themed precincts (Gourmet Emporium, Centre Court, Fashion Avenue, Coutre Pavilion, Connection, Tokyo Street, Beauty Hall, Dining Loft). The timings are much flexible as the mall provides its services from 10am-10pm Monday to Sunday but hours might differ during public holiday, bank holiday or any festival.

 Pavilion mall also ease its visitors with the convenient car parking, safety and security services, car wash, moneychanger, optical and eye care, laundry and tailoring, urban leisure etc.



Pavilion crystal fountain is an emblem of Malaysian diverse culture that attracts and welcomes visitors and tourists. This aesthetically designed fountain is located in front of the main entrance and further adds beauty to the mall. Whenever I visit Pavilion I love to take a lot of pictures and selfies at this spot because of its mesmerizing view.





This amazing mall is a paradise for shoppers as it consists of a mixture of retail stores both high-end as well as base shops. I personally love to shop from pavilion because it has got all the brands (International, designer shops, and local brands). Whenever I visit Pavilion mall I always shopped from Victoria’s Secret, one of my favourite brand and it is highly recommended for ladies.




This mall has got all the shops that are high on quality and standard whereas prices may differ for luxury and normal goods. Outlets are beautifully decorated and constructed, offers a great variety of products for men, women, and kids.









There is a Couture Pavilion where you can find the brand new stock from worldwide and local fashion designers. For example; * Montblanc  *Rolex  * Prada  *Jimmy Choo    *Gucci   * Polo *Puma  *Micheal Kors   * Cartier

Moreover, those looking for brands that do not carry hefty price tags can head to  Fashion Avenue where brands can be found like                                                          * Armani jeans   *Laura Mercier   *Urban Decay   *Bread and butter




  In my opinion, any trip, tour or shopping is incomplete without good food. Pavilion food court is the best food destination on the lower ground of the mall and it is the biggest food court as compare to the other mall’s food courts in KL.




This food court serves the authentic, delicious and a wide variety of food for all the cuisines for eg: Korean, Japanese, Indian and Malay food, Arabic, nouvelle cuisine, other franchise, seafood, bakery, candy shop, dessert shops,  café .

Apart from this food court there is bar street and dining restaurants on the other floors of the mall, these may include AL-Amar Lebanese Restaurant and Dempire Art of Cuisines and many more.



Yes, of course you must be thinking of its GSC Pavilion KL Golden Screen Cinemas, If you have a couple of hours to spare then visit to the movie cinema probably is a nice idea.  Especially the Gold Class screenings are amazing. The chairs are actually very luxurious recliners; where you can almost lie flat and still enjoy the movie. When you arrive you get some warm blankets also there is a button to press to signal the butler to get your drink or snack ordered. Also there is  a Red box karaoke bar where you can belt tunes out at. Pavilion has the best entertainment options for its customers and patrons as people may get bored or exhausted during or after shopping.


 Other than that, Beauty hall provides an oasis of rest and relaxation for shopper with a myriad of spas and salons at mall’s top floor. People can also pleasantly enjoy the fully equipped fitness centre.

IMG-7086.jpg                                                                                                                                            DECORATION DURING EVENTS


A hallmark that makes Pavilion KL famous is it all encompassing holiday and occasional décor. For eg: Recently “A Regal Celebration of CNY 2019” took place in Pavilion, where I got to witness the beautiful decoration at the mall that was definitely majestic. Each floor and every section of the mall was decorated with lanterns and flowers, artificially lantern trees, two towering golden lion sculptures at the main entrance and with other  traditional Chinese stuff. Pavilion KL is  a favourite destination of tourists and locals for its festival’s celebrations.



                         TOKYO STREET

Another distinctive feature and centre of attraction for many of the tourists is the TOKYO STREET, a Japanese themed precinct. As the name exhibits, all the products are Japan made in, plus it also serves with  good quality Japanese restaurants. It integrates the Japanese and modern elements under one roof that are reasonably priced and one-of-a kind.


          ” To quench your thirst of shopping go to PAVILION KL, a shopping paradise, worth visiting shopping mall in Malaysia”


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  1. No doubt it is one of the must to visit place in KL. All the pics in your posts are amazing!!.
    I love Pavilion and its ambiance. This post reminded me of my own visits and now I feel like to go and shop once again 😛

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